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Dyar: The Kumaon Room

Step into a sanctuary that encapsulates the essence of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand within the confines of a single hotel room. As you enter, the warm hues of traditional Kumaoni textiles adorn the space, inviting you to unwind in a haven that pays homage to the rich heritage of the mountains. The walls are adorned with intricate hand-painted ‘Aipan’ paintings & traditional Kumaoni brass artifacts. Wooden furniture, crafted by local artisans, adds a rustic charm while offering modern comforts. The aroma of freshly brewed Kumaoni tea fills the air, complementing the panoramic view of the tranquil Naini Lake visible from the window. Every detail, from the intricately embroidered cushions to the traditional artifacts, whispers tales of a bygone era, creating an immersive experience that celebrates the cultural tapestry of the Kumaon region.


Exquisite furnishing & interiors

Multi-channel TV

Breathtaking lake view

Complimentary WiFi

24 hrs running hot water

Room service

Spacious sitting area

Centrally heated

Photo Gallery

360° Room Tour

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Inclusive of GST; wef 1.05.2024 up to 31.03.2025.

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Dyar: The Kumaon Room

Complimentary Wi-Fi facility for resident guests. Extra bed: Rs. 1,400/- per night on CP basis. Extra bed cannot be provided in Standard & Economy. The tariff is on CP basis and is inclusive of GST. CP: Continental Plan which includes your room​ rent & complimentary breakfast.

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